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Reimagining Money

- No phone, no card, no coin

"Gesture Money" is a future bank based in your hand. We’re masters in helping you understand your spending data. Without phones, cards and coins, all you need is just your hand to make transactions and sense your finance. Sign up to take the sensory experiment of your digital money. 



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Nowadays, physical money - coins and banknotes disappear. “Cashless” and “Contactless” systems become our new normal of using money. Since the first Fintech App launch, the form of money is changed. It becomes digital numbers. What are we missing when our money become all digital?

Our vision is to help humans reimagining money. We design a new way for you to interact with your money through "Gesture". What you need is just your hand, your hand is your unique bank card. You have your own control of your digital money. This is a speculative way of spending and managing digital money, you can feel and sense more when you use them.

We will deliver a smart hand tracking speaker to your home. Follow the instruction to set up your unique "Hand Card". Then, customize your payment gesture. 

When you want to do online shopping or transfer money to your friend, use your hand gesture to confirm the action.

When you are outside, use your hand to pay in the cashier. All cashiers are set up with the hand tracking speaker to recognize your bank account safely and securely.

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We design a unique gesture system as the embodiment of using your digital money. You can customize your gesture system as the interactions of using your digital money. This not only makes you aware and sense more but also enhances the interaction of communication when you are using digital money. Your relationship with digital money becomes active, not passive anymore.

According to your financial personality, we provide you weekly or monthly spending summary in a creative way. This is not just a spending breakdown on a document, but it could be a music playlist, a tasting box, an illustration, etc... something you can sense. It helps you aware of your financial performance. We believe the more you can sense your financial personality, the better financial management you can achieve.

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I love how "Gesture Money" let me reimagine money. This is a future bank that everyone should have.


Amazing! Finally, I understand my spending data in a better way. It helps me care more about my spending.


This is a great idea! I don't need to rely too much on my phone now. I don't care about my battery status anymore!

Enjoy the safe and secure way of using your digital money.

Aware of what you are spending, sense your financial personality, and manage smartly.

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